33Krishna Pushkaralu
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Krishna Pushkaralu

will starts officially on 12th morning
Chandra Babu Naidu

will conduct Krishna arathi on 11th night at ferry pavithra sangam
All Arrangements have been made for meeting the estimated

3 Crores Pushkara Pilligrams
About Pushkaralu
Long regarded as the festival related to churning of the ocean, the 1300 kms Krishna river is India?s 4th largest river. The source is Mahalableshwar and it joins the Sagar (sea) at HamsalaDeevi which is in Krishna District. The river flows though Karnataka from Maharashtra. Vijayawada is the most prominent city on the route of the river apart from the pilgrim village Srisailam. The festival happens every 12 years and is conducted when Jupiter enters the Kanya Raasi (Virgo). Legend: The legend behind Pushkaralu is that Lord Shiva once grants his devotee the power to purify the holy rivers once every 12 years. He was asked to do it when Jupiter travels from one zodiac sign to another. So every year, one river festival is conducted. People pay obeisance to their ancestors by offering Pindas to them. Pushkaralu actually are effective for the whole year since Jupiter stays in one zodiac sign for one year. But people take bath only in the first 12 days and the last 12 days, called the Adi and Antya pushkaralu. In 2016, Krishna Pushkaralu will start on 12th August.